1. Getting started

Getting Started

Welcome to the future of home automation, here are the steps so you can get started quickly:

Before you start, you will need:

  • Any programmable device with Internet Access (Arduino, RaspBerry, ESP8266, ect)

  • Some MQTT library that you can use with the device.


  1. Create your account at Smartnest website.

  2. Click on Add device and give it a name.

  3. Click on view and copy the Device ID.

  4. Configure your MQTT client with the following options:

    • Broker address:

    • Broker port: 1883.

    • Client ID: (Device ID copied in step 3)

    • Username: (Username selected during registration)

    • Password: (Password selected during registration)


  5. Press the "Turn On" button on the website and check the message on your device.

  6. Add Integrations: Follow the next guides about linking your Smartnest account with Alexa, Google Home, Siri and more.

if you have an ESP8266 device you can download the LED_Example to complete this tutorial.