8. IFTTT Integration

IFTTT Integration

Smartnest works with IFTTT using Webhooks channel, here are the steps to configure it:

Configuring a Trigger:

  1. go to your account at IFTTT web page and click on get more and then create a new recipe with webhooks as the trigger and any service as the action, in this example we will use the notification.

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The event name is the name of your device, in this example is Lamp

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There are 4 values that all triggers will have and you can use them as ingredients:

  1. Event name: device name (Example:Lamp)

  2. value1: device name (Example: Lamp)

  3. value2: feature (Example: powerState)

  4. value3: value (Example: ON)

If you want to make one Trigger for all devices you can set the event name to the feature: powerState and you will be updated with all powerState changes.

step 1

Setting your Webhooks key in Smartnest:

After connecting the Webhooks channel in your IFTTT account it is necessary to add the Webhooks key in your account settings in Smartnest, here you can see how to complete this process.

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Configuring an action

  1. Create a new recipe with any trigger you would like, in the example we use the Button channel, and add Webhooks as the action, "make a web request"

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The web request fields are the following:

  1. URL: https://www.smartnest.cz/api/IFTTT/ (Your Webhooks Key)

  2. Method: POST

  3. Content type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

  4. Body: device=devicename&feature=powerState&value=ON

step 1

Change the device name to the name of your device and the powerState value for your desired action: ON or OFF.