6. Siri Integration

Siri integration

Configuring Smartnest to work with Siri is very easy, just make sure you have the Siri shortcuts app downloaded on your phone and then download the shortcut that you would like to use:

Siri Shortcut in English

Atajo de Siri en Español

Siri zkratka v Češtině

Siri Abkürzung auf Deutsch

In the shortcuts app, open the shortcut configuration by tapping the right top corner of the shortcut with the three dots, add your username and password and you are ready to start talking to Smartnest.

you can add this shortcut to your home screen, lock screen and you can add a voice command to activate it. for example, Hey Siri, talk to smartnest.


these are the commands you can tell to Smartnest shortcut:

In English:

  • Turn on [the/my] [device name]

  • Turn off [the/my] [device name]

  • Turn [the/my] [device name] on

  • Turn [the/my] [device name] off

  • Activate [the/my] [device name]

  • Deactivate [the/my] [device name]

En Español:

  • Enciende [la/mi] [nombre del dispositivo]

  • Apaga [el/mi] [nombre del dispositivo]

  • Prende [el/mi] [nombre del dispositivo]

  • Activa [el/mi] [nombre del dispositivo]

  • Desactiva [el/mi] [nombre del dispositivo]

Auf Deutsch

  • Schalte [das/mein] [Gerätename] [an/ein]

  • Schalte [das/mein] [Gerätename] [ab/aus]

  • Mach [das/mein] [Gerätename] an

  • Mach [das/mein] [Gerätename] aus

V Češtině:

  • Zapni [ten/muj] [Nazev]

  • Vypni [to/moje] [Nazev]

  • Rozviti [tu/moji] [Nazev]

  • Aktivuj [ty/mé] [Nazev]

  • Deaktivuj [tu/mou] [Nazev]