14. Routines

You can create custom routines for your devices by clicking on the routines tab on the web application.

Routines contain conditions and actions.

the first condition is considered the trigger of the routine

You can add up to 5 conditions for a single routine, when the routine is triggered by the first condition it will check all the others and if they are true then the routine will run the actions specified.

There are two types of conditions, Device and Time.

Device: Triggers when a specific feature of a device is changed, for example when it is turned on or off, when there is motion detected or when a door opens or closes.

Time: Triggers at a specific time, it can be set to repeat every day or on specific days of the week

There are two types of actions: Device and Notification

Device: Sends a directive to the selected device to control one of its features, for example to turn it on or off.

Notification: Sends a notification to your account, this will be displayed in the notification section or if you have the Android or iOS App it will be delivered as a push notification.

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